Welcome to Washington State Infragard Chapter


As part of our collaborative mission, we have partnered with many organizations including:
Go to Infragard National

Infragard National

We are affiliated with Infragard and have access to the Infragard Portal. Additionally, we have support and resources available through the Infragard National Members Alliance.

Go to Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Infragard is a partnership between the FBI and the private sector. Infragard interfaces with the Office of the Private Sector (OPS) which works to enhance the FBI’s understanding of the private sector’s risks and needs.

Go to Washington emergency Management Division

Washington emergency Management Division

We coordinate with the Infrastructure Resilience Sub-Committee (IRSC) that supports infrastructure resilience statewide and reports these discussions to the Governor’s Emergency Management Council (EMC).

Infragard members have access to many training opportunities