Infragard Turns 20!

Infragard is turning 20! Here are some words from the Infragard National Members Alliance President Jeff Gaynor:

Since Infragard’s founding some 20 years ago, its strength continues to be the experience, knowledge and passion its members bring to bear on ensuring the security and resilience of America’s critical infrastructure. Every one of us recognizes that America’s aged, over-stressed, increasingly cyber-reliant and exploitable critical infrastructures are the enablers as well as the potential disablers of national life.

Our task is clear: to correct America’s increasingly dangerous critical infrastructure preparedness trajectory. To that end, I believe Infragard has no equal, and is America’s “best-kept secret.” It is a singular source of critical infrastructure expertise, information, thought leadership, innovation and solution provision that accrues to the benefit of all. It is also uniquely positioned throughout the nation to synergize traditional federal, “top-down,” sector-focused perspectives with accurate “bottom-up,” cross-sector, performance-based perspectives. Our doing so is vital to completing the picture and ensuring that critical infrastructure investments are made with the full knowledge and understanding of “ground truth.”

The remainder of Jeff’s remarks can be found in the Infragard Magazine:

The complete press release can be found here: