Sector Chief Appointments

The Board of the Evergreen Chapter of Infragard is excited to announce the appointment of 3 new Sector Chiefs. The Sector Chief program is the “tip of the spear” of Infragard’s mission to foster collaboration and communication to protect our community. In the Evergreen Chapter, we are excited to be developing this program and know that will be a crucial part of advancing our mission. You can learn more about the critical infrastructure sectors on this page and our Sector Chief Program on this page.

Our new Sector Chiefs bring a boatload of energy, experience, and ideas. We are excited to support them as we fill out the rest of our Sector Chief positions.

Please welcome them through the portal and at our next meeting!

RJ McIntosh, MBA | Sector Chief: Dams, Energy

RJ is a U.S. Army military veteran having served in the fields of military intelligence, counter-intelligence and combat aviation. With 30 years in the aviation, communications and energy industries, RJ brings a deep and varied skill set. As a Federal Scholar Fellow, he led federal strategy development and served as the national program manager for energy management systems, strategic policy planning and energy efficiencies benchmarking for federal data centers & laboratories. RJ is a voting member at the International Standards Organization and is already outlining several areas where he can drive collaboration and communication as the Sector Chief for the Energy and Dams sectors.

Wesley Clark | Sector Chief: Financial Services

Wesley (Wes) Clark has had his financial advisory practice for over 27 years.  His company, Byzantium Wealth Management Strategies has investment clients in 13 states and insurance clients in 5 states.  He is available to speak on a variety of topics and available to write articles upon request. He is a volunteer advocate for the Robinswood Neighborhood in Bellevue, WA.  

He assists those individuals in his community who need assistance in a variety of areas: food, health care, housing, jobs, financial advice and spiritual encouragement.  He has a Podcast called, “Lifestyle by Design” that is available on many popular podcast players.  

As the Financial Services Sector Chief, Wes brings a wealth of ideas on how to contribute to the growth of the chapter and plans to actively communicate, provide information, and conduct meetings to establish a strong Infragard Financial Services Sector.

Matthew Bateman | Sector Chief: Healthcare / Public Health

Matthew Bateman is a technical writer with his brand Versiv, a collective for corporate & community research that helps companies deliver value within regulated industries. Before starting Versiv, he worked as an information officer in the telemedicine and higher education sector where he led data governance, reporting, and compliance efforts.

Matthew brings a focus on issues of security, compliance, and governance in sectors of national interest and a professional network in the healthcare sector. In his role as Healthcare / Public Health Sector Chief Matthew wants to improve communication between stakeholders, share proven practices, and work to support members as we address issues of local, sector, and national importance.