June 3, 2017

Nuclear Sector

Sector Chief: Vacant


Nuclear power accounts for approximately 20 percent of our nation’s electrical generation, provided by 100 commercial nuclear reactors licensed to operate at 62 nuclear power plants.

The sector includes:

  • Nuclear power plants
  • Non-power nuclear reactors used for research, testing, and training
  • Manufacturers of nuclear reactors or components
  • Radioactive materials used primarily in medical, industrial, and academic settings
  • Nuclear fuel cycle facilities
  • Decommissioned nuclear power reactors
  • Transportation, storage, and disposal of nuclear and radioactive waste

The sector is interdependent with other critical infrastructure sectors:

  • Chemical Sector, as a consumer of chemicals through the nuclear fuel cycle and at reactor sites
  • Energy Sector, as a supplier of electricity to our nation’s electrical grid
  • Healthcare and Public Health Sector, as a supplier of nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals, and in the sterilization of blood and surgical supplies
  • Transportation Systems Sector, through the movement of radioactive materials.

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